10 fast foods that have disappeared

Fast-food restaurant chains are constantly rejiggering their menus in the hopes of luring new customers and coming up with the next buzzworthy food item. But often, when restaurant chains swing for the fences, they miss. Here are some of the most memorable fast-food failures of the past few decades.

2. Superbar

Chain: Wendy's

Launched: 1988

The salad bar was a fixture in Wendy’s restaurants for decades; they were finally phased out in 2006. But for a brief period in the late ‘80s and ‘90s, the salad bar was expanded to a full-blown buffet.

In addition to a salad and fruit station (called the “Garden Spot”), the Wendy’s Superbar had Mexican and Italian food “stations” called “Mexican Fiesta” and “Pasta Pasta,” respectively. And it was cheap: All you could eat for $2.99, in most areas.

“You can have just about anything, even if you’re in the mood for everything!” one television spot boasted.

The downfall of the Wendy’s Superbar wasn’t customer interest. In fact, Googling “Wendy’s Superbar” will turn up dozens of rave reviews, fond memories (including one Wendy’s Superbar thread on a mixed martial arts forum), and at least three separate Facebook groups lobbying for its return. But keeping a buffet stocked and clean is hard work, especially coupled with the task of serving Wendy’s traditional over-the-counter menu. It was discontinued in 1998.

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