Ten great car gifts for the drivers on your holiday list

Car-related gifts are a great way to say thank you during the holidays. Click through this list for some great ideas for all ages and budgets.

4. For the future driver: Baby steering wheel

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    The WinFun Baby Driver Crib/Car Seat Toy features a fabric steering wheel and driving sound effects.
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How many times has your little tyke cried because you wouldn’t let him drive himself to daycare? I know I did. Now you can pacify your driver wannabe with his own steering wheel and console. Most offer a dizzying array of bells and whistles comparable to a Playskool-version of a BMW 7-Series. Unlike the Bimmer, you won’t have to worry when the kid drools on the switches.

Plus they can re-enact that opening scene from The Simpsons!

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