The '9-1-1' scooter and other worst toys for Christmas

From annoying, noisy toys that you want to hurl against the wall to just plain scary ones, here are the worst toys of 2012:

6. The Logo Board Game

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    One reviewer refers to this game as 'capitalism flash cards.'
    Leanne Shirtliffe
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This game receives the Gullible Award. The Logo Board Game is Trivial Pursuit for brand-name junkies, testing your knowledge of logos, slogans, and jingles. One reviewer refers to the game as “capitalism flash cards.” Good luck if you want to play this with your children, unless they’re already middle-aged; many of the logos and brands, like the Kool Aid guy, are a few decades old. The Logo Board Game retails for $26.99; you could buy a lot of Kool Aid for that price.

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