Car care and maintenance: six tips for teens

Many teens know little or nothing about the basics of auto repair, an survey finds. Since preventative car maintenance is important for safety, here are easy do-it-yourself auto repair and care tips for teens – and their parents: 

4. Don’t let your car run low on fuel

Most of today’s vehicles have fuel-injected engines that rely on in-tank electric pumps that use gas to cool and lubricate its components. Driving your fuel-injected engine frequently on fumes could cause hundreds of dollars in repairs, and leave you stranded on the side of the road. A good rule of thumb – keep the fuel level above a quarter tank to keep your car running well, and to avoid running out of gas!

Did you know? You don’t need to use the highest grade of gasoline for your car’s engine to perform its best. The variation in quality between different grades of gasoline today is very small, so don’t waste your money by filling up with premium gasoline unless your owner’s manual says specifically your car requires it.

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