Top 10 cars you've probably never heard of

These 10 cars are so rare you won't see them on any lot. Click through for a list of 10 cars you've probably never heard of.

4. Mitsuoka / Orochi

Mitsuoka Motor Co.
The rear side of the Mitsuoka Orochi sportscar is shown in this company photo. Mitsuoka model cars are handmade, contributing to their scarcity.

The Japanese are best known for building practical and reliable cars, but every once in awhile they throw the automotive industry a curveball. The Mitsuoka Orochi isn’t a brand new concept, but it’s interesting and rare enough to warrant mention on this list.

Though Mitsuoka bills the Orochi as a “supercar”, a Toyota V6 producing a relatively mild 233 hp powers it.

That said, it certainly does look the part. The fish-like design is polarizing. Love it or hate it, Mitsuoka promises to deliver "cars with warmth and love” as each example is completely handmade.

If you’re looking for true Japanese performance, one of Japan's better-known machines such as an old RX-7, Supra, or any era of GT-R might serve you best. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, the Orochi or any other car from Mitsuoka’s lineup will certainly not come up short on individuality

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