10 strange fast food items abroad

In the US, fast food can get pretty predictable: Burgers, fries, chicken, and a taco or a fish sandwich, if you’re feeling adventurous. Leave it to our international brethren to show us how to loosen up and live a little. Take a look at ten wacky fast food items from around the world.

9. Tuna Pie (Jollibee, Phillipines)

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    A worker arranges tuna fish inside a van before delivering them to a wet market for sale in Manila in this file photo. In the Phillipines, the elusive Jollibee pie has a cult following similar to that of the McDonald's McRib here in the US.
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OK, so maybe frying up savories into pie form isn’t always a great idea. Like the McDonald’s McRib, the tuna, pie, which comes stuffed with cooked tuna and vegetables, is an elusive cult item, only making appearances on the Jollibee menu at certain times throughout the year. It made a comeback late last month, and currently selling for a limited time. In addition to the Phillipines, there are Jollibee restaurants in five states (California, New York, Nevada, Washington, and Hawaii), so those brave enough can try the tuna pie without going through customs.

Would we eat it?: No.

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