Academy Awards: Which Best Picture nominee won at the box office?

Nine films will be vying for the Best Picture trophy at the 84th Annual Academy Awards, taking place Sunday at 8 pm. The Best Picture Oscar won’t be announced until late in the evening, but when it comes to the box office, clear winners and losers have already emerged. While there was no runaway blockbuster among this year’s Oscar nominations, the films nominated ran the gamut in terms of profitability: Some made back nearly four times their filming budgets, while others failed to break even. Here’s all nine Best Picture nominees, ranked according to profit margin. Box office numbers are based on worldwide earnings. Can you guess which film was the best bang for its buck?

9. 'Hugo'

Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/File
Martin Scorsese, nominated as a producer and the director of the film 'Hugo,' poses with Tom Sherak, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as he arrives at the 84th Academy Awards nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills, Calif. So far, 'Hugo' – one of nine films vying for Best Picture at the Academy Awards – has failed to make back its $150 million budget, despite warm critical reception.

Budget: $150 million

Box office gross:  $114,059,789  

Loss: -$35,940,211

Release date: Nov. 23, 2011

As a potential cash cow, the Martin Scorsese-directed "Hugo" had a lot going for it: Critical acclaim, a star-studded cast, 3-D, and a Thanksgiving weekend opening – generally considered prime real estate for children's movies. But "Hugo" had the most expensive budget among the Academy Awards nominees, landing it at the bottom of the profitability list despite a respectable box office showing.

Fun fact: Actor Johnny Depp was a producer on this film.

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