Clint Eastwood in Top 6 Super Bowl 2012 car commercials (+video)

3. Suzuki sled

Cute Huskies. An avuncular Eskimo and his wife. And the driving beat of "Party Still Jumpin” by Ben Kahle. What's not to love about this almost dialogue-free ad?

The scenery is stunning too.  Suzuki reportedly shot the ad in one day near Spray Lake near Canmore, Alberta. They imported two Inuits from Alaska to perform as the husband and wife in the ad.

The featured car? An all-wheel-drive version of the 2012 Kizashi sedan. This is a 85-hp 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine with the six-speed manual or a 180-hp version with the CVT transmission. Sticker price:  $18,999 - $27,549.

The spot was created by Siltanen & Partners, in El Segundo, Calif.

This one will leave you with a smile.

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