5 best websites for turning junk into cash

3. Bonanza

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    On display is a selection of diamond, sapphire, and emerald straightline bracelets at the Brodney Gallery of Fine Arts in Boston in this 2001 file photo. For those looking to sell their jewelry, one online outlet is Bonanza.
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Bonanza is an online marketplace where you set up a seller’s booth and post ads for your stuff at a fixed price. The site doesn’t charge per listing fee, but it does take a small percentage of your sales.

Bonanza has two great features that set it apart from eBay

  • The site itself has a clean look that really plays up the item photos, unlike the somewhat cluttered appearance of eBay listings.
  • You get more checkout options: PayPal, Google Checkout, and Amazon Checkout.

Best for: Jewelry, watches, and accessories. The site has a gift ideas section, and these popular items appear more frequently than other stuff.

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