5 best websites for turning junk into cash

2. eBay

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    Massachusetts State Treasurer Steven Grossman holds a jewel-encrusted tiger pin at the Statehouse in Boston in October. The pin is one of the more unusual items of unclaimed property that the state will be begin auctioning on eBay.
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eBay is the granddaddy of online auction sites. You can sell your stuff at a fixed price or as an auction where buyers bid for your goods. The site was the first of its kind and the most well known, so it brings in a ton of buyers. But it also has more competition, more fees, and stricter payment terms. While the site does allow some types of credit card transactions, it’s primarily PayPal-driven. (You can see eBay’s payment policies here.)

Best for: Highly sought-after collectibles and smaller items that ship cheaply. Do you have a vintage Transformers lunch box? It’ll probably do well on eBay. But read the fee schedule carefully before you go on a listing spree. Because if your items don’t sell, you’ll still pay the upfront fees.

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