Seven worst Christmas toys for kids

6. McDonald’s Play Hamburger Container

Courtesy of Leanne Shirtliffe
The McDonald's Play Hamburger Collection includes plastic renditions of everything from McNuggets to low-fat milk.

McDonald’s fast-food-at-home kit retails for $12.99 and includes 25 or more plastic pieces of McFood, ranging from McNuggets and fries to low-fat milk – all made in China. This toy may be evidence that the left and right arms of McDonald’s marketing team do not share the same vision. The Hamburger Container is old school McDonalds – plasticized versions of fried meat, potatoes, and bread – not the newer, trendier McCafé brand with lattés and smoothies. But let’s face it: In this tough economy, you may want your child to practice saying “Do you want fries with that?”

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