No spare tire in your new car? Four things you need to know.

3. Be kind to your tires

Robert F. Bukaty/AP/File
A motorist uses a gauge to check air pressure in a tire in Portland, Maine, in this 2006 file photo. The best way to avoid a flat tire is to maintain your tires.

The best way to keep from getting a flat tire and finding yourself on the side of the road is to properly care for and maintain your tires! Get in the habit of inspecting your tires on a regular basis. Keep your tires properly inflated; rotate and balance them every other oil change; routinely check for uneven wear; be sure to clean them regularly; and cover them if you leave your vehicle stored for long periods of time. Additionally, hard braking and quick acceleration can wear out your tires sooner, and driving on rough or damaged roads can lead to tire damage from road hazards. Keep in mind that properly inflated tires are less likely to sustain significant damage from potholes and other road hazards. Click here for more guides on how to care for your tires.

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