No spare tire in your new car? Four things you need to know.

2. Purchase a space-saver tire for peace of mind

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In this 2009 file photo, girls from the Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital area came together at GEICO headquarters in Chevy Chase, Md., to learn how to change tires and other auto-safety measures to earn a GEICO-sponsored patch. If your new car doesn't come with a spare tire, you can often order one through your dealer.

For occasions when you might find yourself without roadside assistance, and with a completely blown tire, or irreparable damage to your tire’s sidewall, a space-saver or compact tire may be the answer. These tires allow you to drive home or to a local repair shop to purchase a new tire. You can only drive a short distance, and usually not faster than 50 miles per hour. Some automakers that don’t include a compact or space-saver spare tire with their passenger cars allow you to purchase one as an add-on. Check with your local dealer to get information on how/where to buy one for your particular car. 

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