Is your office going to the dogs? Five top dog-friendly employers.

Only 17 percent of US employers allow pets, even though researchers find that dogs make employees happier, more productive, and encourage teamwork. Read our list of the five top dog-friendly companies.

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Marc Lorenz takes a break to feed a snack to his dachshund, Lu Lu, one of the 10 to 15 dogs at’s offices in Livingston, Mont.

At the Livingston, Mont., company dogs not only come to work, they can compete in an annual dog show. The commercial printing company has allowed its 143 employees to bring their pets to work since 2006, as long as the dogs are well trained and not disruptive. About 10 to 15 roam the hallways daily.

“Having dogs is a lot of fun and keeps a relaxed atmosphere,” said Shayla McKnight, assistant marketing manager at The dogs also help with staff morale, build camaraderie among employees, and stimulate creativity.

The presence of dogs in the office promotes teamwork, says a study, where employees with dogs and without answered a questionnaire. Those with dogs in their presence rated their other co-workers higher in trust and collaboration, according to a study conducted by graduate research assistant Christopher Honts and his colleagues at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant.

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