Is your office going to the dogs? Five top dog-friendly employers.

Only 17 percent of US employers allow pets, even though researchers find that dogs make employees happier, more productive, and encourage teamwork. Read our list of the five top dog-friendly companies.


Photo courtesy of Autodesk
Simon is a Chihuahua who comes to Autodesk’s Lake Oswego, Ore., offices regularly. As a rescued dog, Simon was terrified at first, but employees and other office dogs have helped socialize him.

From Chihuahuas to German shepherds, the software-design company based in San Rafael, Calif., has them all. With almost 7,000 employees internationally, the company says about 5 percent of them bring their dogs to work. “Having a pet also encourages employees to take breaks during the day that they may not take if they didn’t have a pet,” said Michael Oldenburg, an Autodesk spokesman.

About 17 percent of Americans report that their workplaces permit pets, according to a 2008 American Pet Products Association national poll.

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