Got Volt sticker shock? Here are the five cheapest hybrids.

News reports suggest that some GM dealers might sell the all-electric Chevrolet Volt for $20,000 over the $41,000 suggested retail price. If you want to be green – but don't have THAT much green – here are five hybrids that will be a bit easier on the wallet, according to

5. Honda Civic ($23,800)

The 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid.

For those eco-conscious consumers who wish to buy something that "looks like a cool car, not a cutesy electronic device," the Honda Civic leads the way, says

The Civic is notable for its normalcy. Honda introduced its gasoline-powered Civic in 1973. The hybrid merely continues that successful formula with the pumped up fuel efficiency of a gasoline-electric vehicle. continues: "The Civic Hybrid destroys any notion that hybrids can't look cool."

Small and a bit sporty, the Civic nonetheless lays claim to good hybrid gas mileage at 42 miles per gallon city/highway combined.

The Civic is not eligible for a federal tax credit.

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