Got Volt sticker shock? Here are the five cheapest hybrids.

4. Toyota Prius ($22,800)

Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters/file
A man looks at Toyota Prius at a showroom in Tokyo Feb. 4.

The Toyota Prius is the top-selling hybrid model car and has become the standard-bearer for the hybrid market in the US. It was first introduced in Japan in 1997 and came to the United States in 2000.

The second-generation 2004 Prius was more powerful than the original, was available in a sedan rather than the distinctive hatchback, and could go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 10 seconds.

The third generation for 2010 is the only vehicle to attain 50 miles per gallon combined for city/highway driving. Its critically acclaimed design inspires to use the word "commodious" to describe the back seat.

A 2009 recall for sticking gas pedals caused some bad press but did not appear to affect sales.

The Prius is not eligible for a federal tax credit.

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