J.K. Rowling will reveal more about the American world of magic on Pottermore

The upcoming movie 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,' based in the world of 'Harry Potter,' is set in America. Upcoming stories published on the site Pottermore will reveal more about the magical culture in the US.

Jaap Buitendjik/AP
The 'Harry Potter' film series stars Emma Watson (l.), Rupert Grint (center), and Daniel Radcliffe (r.).

Those “Harry Potter” fans wondering about wizards and witches who live in America in author J.K. Rowling’s fictional world will get some more information about them ahead of the November release of the Rowling-penned film “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." 

Several stories by Ms. Rowling, titled “The History of Magic in North America,” will reportedly debut this week on her site Pottermore. 

The upcoming movie “Fantastic,” which is based on a book by Rowling and for which Rowling wrote the screenplay, is set in America. So far, the author has only revealed a few details about her vision for the American world of wizards and witches.

These stories will presumably provide more information for fans ahead of the debut of “Fantastic.” The first piece will be released on March 8.

The last “Potter” book was published in 2007 and the final movie based on the original “Potter” book series came out in 2011. In the years since, the website Pottermore, which let users become a member of one of the four houses at the magical school Hogwarts, take part in school activities, and read new stories by Rowling about the “Potter” universe, has been one of the places fans could continue interacting with “Potter” content. 

Another place has been Rowling’s Twitter account. The author is very active on the social media site and has frequently revealed new information about the “Potter” universe and answered fans’ questions. 

The media has noted that these platforms have kept fans engaged with Rowling’s fictional universe despite the lack of a new book or movie. 

“J.K. Rowling keeps winning at Twitter,” Washington Post writer Soraya Nadia McDonald wrote. “… Rowling also uses Twitter to fill in blank spots and unanswered questions from her best-selling series … It’s an incredibly savvy way of keeping her work current and a part of modern conversation.” 

Meanwhile, when Rowling posted new information about protagonist Harry’s family on the site Pottermore last fall, Telegraph writer Christopher Hooton wrote, “J.K. Rowling certainly knows how to keep the ‘Harry Potter’ fan base sated.”

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