'Olive Kitteridge': Check out the new trailer for the miniseries

'Olive Kitteridge' is being adapted as an HBO miniseries that will air this November.

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming HBO miniseries adaptation of “Olive Kitteridge.”

“Olive Kitteridge,” the Pulitzer Prize-winning short story collection by Elizabeth Strout about the residents of a Maine town, stars Frances McDormand as the title character. Richard Jenkins, Bill Murray, John Gallagher Jr. of “The Newsroom,” and “What If” actress Zoe Kazan co-star. The series is directed by Lisa Cholodenko of the 2010 Best Picture nominee “The Kids Are All Right.”

Because the miniseries screened at the Venice Film Festival, it has already received reviews from some critics, and many were positive. McDormand and Jenkins in particular have earned praise, with IndieWire writer Jessica Kiang writing that “Frances McDormand, who achieves such a perfect, uncompromised synthesis with the title character that it’s difficult to imagine anyone else ever answering to the name…. [I]mmaculately performed across its large ensemble, especially the incredible Richard Jenkins, the meta narrative of seeing one of our greatest working actresses unite with such an unusual and worthwhile role is immensely satisfying all by itself.” And David Rooney of the Hollywood Reporter wrote that “The title character provides [McDormand] with a wonderful role that stands among the most complex and memorable of her career.... Jenkins’ lovely performance gives her the perfect foil.” 

“Olive” will air on Nov. 2 and Nov. 3. Check out the full trailer.

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