Percy Jackson narrates Greek myths for kids

Author Rick Riordan recently published the book 'Percy Jackson's Greek Gods,' which is a compilation of traditional Greek myths as told by his character Percy. 

'Percy Jackson's Greek Gods' is by Rick Riordan and illustrated by John Rocco.

Young readers can now learn more about the Greek gods as told by Rick Riordan’s protagonist Percy Jackson. 

Riordan, author of the series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” “The Heroes of Olympus,” and “The Kane Chronicles,” recently published a guide to Greek gods titled “Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods.” The book provides summaries of various deities, with Percy’s usual humorous narration. “A publisher in New York asked me to write down what I know about the Greek gods, and I was like, Can we do this anonymously?” “Percy” writes. “Because I don't need the Olympians mad at me again.” 

Riordan’s “Percy” series follows a boy who discovers he is the son of Greek god Poseidon and subsequently becomes embroiled in the battles between the deities. 

“Greek Gods” includes illustrations by John Rocco and the version of the book sold by Barnes & Noble has a family tree of the Greek gods. 

“I know Percy’s voice so well, it was a no-brainer to write the myths from his point of view,” Riordan said of the book in an interview with Hypable. “Besides, it was a lot more fun that way. Percy’s snarkiness, after all, is basically my snarkiness. We have the same sense of humor.”

He said he hoped to have his book include some stories that are covered less in traditional retellings. 

“So many great myths don’t make it into the children’s anthologies,” Riordan said. “I wanted to change that and make the book very comprehensive.”

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