New book by classic children's author Richard Scarry will be released

Scarry's son Richard Scarry Jr. recently found a manuscript by his father and completed the illustrations. The book will be released on Aug. 26.

'Best Lowly Worm Book Ever!' is by Richard Scarry.

A new work by children’s author Richard Scarry is being released 20 years after his death.

Scarry’s son Richard Scarry Jr. found text and illustrations for a book under his father’s desk, he told NPR. He realized that the only things missing were final versions of the art, which he decided to do himself. Scarry, like his father, works as an illustrator.

The book, titled “Best Lowly Worm Book Ever!,” will be published in America on Aug. 26. It was previously published in 2013 in the UK by HarperCollins.

Scarry told NPR of his fondness for the book’s protagonist. 

“[Lowly Worm] is so optimistic and he can do everything,” he said. “Just because he has this one foot, he can stretch and he can tie himself into knots and he's very bright and funny and he's just a wonderful character. I love working with him.” 

He said he thinks his father was an expert at appealing to multiple generations.

“He loved to put a lot of things on the pages so the children would have a lot to look at, and he also wanted the parents to have a good time,” he said. “And there are little asides here and there, little wacky things that you just pick up on and find amusing somehow.”

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