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'Paddington' trailer shows the beloved bear struggling with the modern world

'Paddington' stars Hugh Bonneville of 'Downton Abbey' and Nicole Kidman.

The 'Paddington' series is by Michael Bond.

A new trailer has debuted for the film adaptation of the “Paddington” children’s series by Michael Bond.

The book series, which debuted in the 1950s, followed a bear from Peru named Paddington, who traveled to London and made a home with the Brown family. They named the marmalade-loving bear after the station at which he was found, and Paddington is often seen in a blue jacket and red hat.

The new trailer shows the bear struggling with such modern-day conveniences as a toothbrush, escalators, and the subway.

Actor Hugh Bonneville, who portrays the patriarch of the Brown family, is briefly seen in the trailer after he calls his insurance company to inquire about the bear staying in his home. 

“Grizzly?” he inquires. “Not particularly. Mind you, I haven’t seen him in the mornings.”  

While actor Colin Firth had been on board as the voice of the bear, it was recently announced that he departed the project. The film debuts on Dec. 25.

Check out the full trailer.

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