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Kind of creepy: 'Game of Thrones' generator gives you a Westeros death

With the fourth season premiere of the notoriously death-filled show close at hand, the website Vulture has created a generator that tells visitors just how they would die on the HBO drama.

Macall B. Polay/HBO/AP
'Game of Thrones' stars Natalie Dormer (l.) and Diana Rigg (r.).

The HBO drama “Game of Thrones” is notorious for the number of characters it kills off and the way it axes characters viewers think must be safe.

So, with the show set to return for its fourth season on Sunday, April 6, the website Vulture has created a “Game of Thrones” Death Generator.

“If you were to suddenly find yourself in the Seven Kingdoms, how might you meet your maker?” Vulture writers Margaret Lyons, Justin McCraw, Josh Wolk, and Aaron Pederson write. “Disease? Warfare? Being tossed into a giant hole? Oh, there are so many ways to go.”

The generator has you click to find out what nasty end you would meet with in Westeros. This writer became “dragon lunch.”

Visitors to the site should be advised that the generator reflects some of the adult content on “Game of Thrones.”

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