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'Game of Thrones': Catch up with the characters via this season four trailer

A new trailer for the HBO drama gives new glimpses into the upcoming season.

Keith Bernstein/HBO/AP
'Game of Thrones' stars Emilia Clarke.

A new trailer for the HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones” shows fans even more about what to expect for the drama’s upcoming fourth season.

(Warning: Spoilers for the show’s first three seasons follow! Proceed at your own risk…)

Sansa Stark, sister of the rebellious Robb Stark and now wife to court plotter Tyrion Lannister, is still inconsolable over the death of her brother and mother.

“Do you know what they did to my brother and my mother?” she asks Tyrion. “I lie awake all night thinking about how they died.”

Meanwhile, Queen Regent Cersei talks with the newly arrived member of the ruling house of Dorn, Oberyn Martell.

“What good is power if you can’t protect the ones you love?” she asks.

“We can avenge them,” Oberyn tells her. 

Meanwhile, it looks like aspiring queen Daenerys Targaryen is under attack from outside forces. “I will answer injustice with justice,” she declares.

And wannabe king Stannis Baratheon is getting discouraged, saying, “We’re running out of time. I will not become a page in someone else’s history book.”

And both Jon Snow, a member of the military group the Night’s Watch, and his romantic interest Ygritte, who is one of the wildlings that war with the Night’s Watch, seem troubled over their last encounter, when Jon fled from her and her group of wildlings.

“If that boy’s still walking, it’s because you let him go,” another wildling tells her.

Excited, “Thrones” fans? The new season premieres on HBO on April 6.

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