Super Bowl 2014: Quirk Books releases a guide to covertly reading during a sporting event

For those who aren't enthralled by football action – or any sports game, really – publisher Quirk Books has released a fun guide to hanging out with your sports-loving friends and family while still getting some reading time in.

Ann Hermes
Fans cheer at the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2014.

While there are those who don’t want to miss a second of the football action during the Super Bowl, there are also people who want to see every commercial… and then there are those who would really rather just see what’s going to happen next in the book they’re reading.

Publisher Quirk Books understands and also knows that while these readers may be devoted to their newest library acquisition, they’re also devoted to their friends and family and don’t want to offend anyone by appearing antisocial at a Super Bowl gathering (and as Quirk Books writer Blair Thornburgh pointed out, another advantage of football gatherings is “there’s snacks”). To help these people out, the publisher recently released a guide to covertly reading at a Game Day gathering.

The first imperative is getting your book in unseen.

“Good options include in a purse, under your jersey (also: get a jersey), or hidden beneath a novelty cheese-shaped hat (Wisconsin fans only),” Thornburgh advised.

And once you’ve attained a good position for reading that also keeps your book concealed, how do you keep it believable that you’re actually watching the game? 

“Keep your ears pricked for changes in ambient noise, and vocalize accordingly: groan, sigh, cheer, or laugh (commercials only),” Thornburgh wrote.

With Quirk Books’ tips, you can enjoy the company of your favorite people and still make progress with that pageturner. If you weren't able to employ these stratagems last night during the Super Bowl, keep them in mind for next season or, really, any sport!

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