Neil Gaiman says this summer may mark his last book-signing tour

Neil Gaiman explained via his blog that the very long lines for his book signings – and the lengthy delays for readers – mean that the experience is "no fun for anybody."

Jayson Wold/HarperCollins
Neil Gaiman's next novel will be titled 'Ocean at the End of the Lane.'

Sorry, Neil Gaiman fans – your chances to snag a coveted signature on one of his titles may be limited from now on.

On Dec. 18, Gaiman announced via his blog that his upcoming tour for his book “Ocean at the End of the Lane” will most likely be the last time he signs his novels for fans.

“I love meeting people, but the sixth hour of signing, for people who have been standing in a line for seven hours, is no fun for anybody,” he wrote on his blog.

The author pointed out that the last time he held a formal signing in the US, he added his signature to books for more than a thousand people and the event lasted more than seven hours.

The author didn’t rule out the possibility of doing reading tours in the future.

Gaiman’s book “Ocean at the End of the Lane” will be released June 18 and will focus on a man whose boarder commits suicide in his family’s car, which “stir[s] up ancient powers best left undisturbed,” according to the blurb from publisher William Morrow. “Creatures from beyond the world are on the loose, and it will take everything our narrator has just to stay alive.”

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