'Put me in the story, mom!' Now you really can

The new app 'Put Me in the Story,' released by publisher Sourcebooks, will allow older readers to add the name of a younger one to Sourcebook titles.

Titles like 'The Night Night Book' will be available for alteration through the Put Me in the Story app.

What would your child say if you started reading a picture book at bedtime and her name popped up in the middle of the story?

You may have an opportunity to find out with the new app Put Me in the Story, created by publisher Sourcebooks. Through the app, users can insert a child’s name into Sourcebooks titles like “The Night Night Book.”

Kids will “feel special” and “excited about reading” when their name appears, Sourcebooks publisher and chief executive Dominique Raccah told The New York Times.

“For parents, it creates an unbelievable bond,” she said.

A printed version of the book with the child’s name added will also be available for purchase.

Users can obtain the app for free with one picture book and can then buy two more books for $4.99 through Put Me in the Story, with more titles added monthly.

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