Cal Ripken Jr. co-authors a second children's book

A new book by Cal Ripken Jr. and journalist Kevin Cowherd focuses on the issue of bullying among children.

Left photo by Nick Wass/FRE/AP
Hall of Fame inductee Cal Ripken Jr. (l.) told the Baltimore Sun that he wants the advice given in his new children's book to sound like 'the way Dad used to talk baseball and life to us at the dining room table.'

Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Cal Ripken Jr. released a second children’s book today with Baltimore Sun reporter Kevin Cowherd.

The book, “Super-Sized Slugger,” is a sequel to Ripken and Cowherd’s first book “Hothead” and continues to follow the baseball players in the Dulaney Babe Ruth League in Baltimore, Maryland. “Super-Sized” addresses the issue of bullying among children through the main character of Cody Parker, an overweight baseball player who struggles with being teased. Cody goes up against one of his bullies for the position of third baseman when he tries out for the team.

“Parents think it's just a phase, or life, or part of toughening up,” Ripken told the Baltimore Sun about the issue of bullying among children. “But I want kids to know, 'You have options and the options are caring adults.’”

Ripken shared with ESPN that he himself had been bullied after joining the varsity baseball team in high school as a freshman. He remembered at one point being held upside down by his feet on a flight of stairs inside school.

“I don't believe you can build a team with that attitude,” Ripken told ESPN.

Ripken said he and Cowherd will be writing a third installment in the series about the kids in the Dulaney Babe Ruth League, though a release date has not yet been set.

Molly Driscoll is a Monitor contributor.

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