Reader recommendation: Gil Hodges

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Tom Clavin and Danny Peary have written a splendid biography of Gil Hodges who dominated the offense and defense as an All-Star Brooklyn Dodger from 1947 to 1957. Gil Hodges reflects Gil's life as a youth, a marine hero in World War II, his prowess as an athlete in college, and his entry into the National League. He was also a successful manager who led the Miracle Mets to the World Series title in 1969. Perhaps his greatest attribute was the fact that he was so well admired by his family, friends, fellow and opposing players, and coaches for his kindness, playing ability, honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, and positive character. This book prompts the reader to ask why Gil Hodges, who set many all-time team, national, and major league records, and won a World Series title, is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame, when his statistics surpass many who are.

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