Football books: 6 great titles to check out this season

As football teams duke it out, check out these titles about everything from Peyton’s picker to Spurrier and the SEC.

6. 'Spurrier: How the Ball Coach Taught the South to Play Football,' by Ran Henry

Lyons Press

This account follows Steve Spurrier from his years as a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at the University of Florida to his college and pro coaching experiences, including as a leader of a Southern football resurgence at his alma mater, where the Gators won two national championships, and now at the University of South Carolina

“What could Coach Spurrier do that very day, at the Southeastern Conference Spring Meeting in Destin, Florida, to help his quarterback, and every other college football player in America? He stood before the league’s coaches, and reporters, and put forth a modest proposal. Why couldn’t he pay each of his players $300 a game, out of his pocket?

“‘We make too much,’ he said, eyeing his fellow coaches. The players should get a share of ‘that big pie that’s out there.’ Then he pulled out a document signed by six other SEC coaches who supported his proposal. Naming the coaches, in case recruits were wondering.

“The Spurrier Proposal would surely splash across the next day’s sports page – leaving less space for reports of his ‘embattled’ quarterback returning to the practice field.”

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