Jimmy Connors: 12 things I learned from Connors memoir 'The Outsider'

Here are a dozen interesting items from "The Outsider: A Memoir" by tennis great Jimmy Connors.

2. Bare-bones contracts

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    Tennis champion Jimmy Connors takes part in a panel discussion titled "The Business of Sports" at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, Calif., May 1, 2013.
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Connors balked at legal documents with a lot of fine print and always insisted that his contracts be kept to just three paragraphs. He chalks this up to a discovery as an adult of visual challenges in tracking words with both eyes, which he says cut down on his reading comprehension but didn’t affect his “perfect vision” on a tennis court. As regards his aversion to fine print, it’s interesting that Connors says that as a student at UCLA he contemplated becoming a lawyer if things didn’t work out for him in tennis.

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