10 awesome book trailers for must-read YA books

Check out these awesome trailers for 10 excellent Young Adult reads. Some are funny, some are cute, at least one is sort of disturbing. All of them are now on my 'must-read' list!

3. "Leviathan," by Scott Westerfeld

Prince Alek is on the run, with only a few loyal men and a machine to help him. Deryn Sharp just wants to be in the British Air Service, and she can! As long as no one knows she's a girl. When the two of them meet up, Clanker and Darwinist each has a secret to hide. Will they work together or be each other's demise? This trailer shares the book's backstory and shows exactly what a Clanker and Darwinist is, and why they are at war. Beautiful illustrations!

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