Anne Frank: 10 quotes on her birthday

Born on June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was 13 years old when she and her family, Jews living in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands, were forced into hiding. The Frank family – and others who later joined them – lived hidden in a set of secret rooms for nearly two years, until an anonymous tipster betrayed them. The Franks were then shipped to concentration camps where all but, Otto, Anne's father, perished. But the diary that Anne kept while hiding survived as well. Otto had it published in 1947 and its mature messages of hope and comfort have since touched millions around the globe. 

1. The girl who touched the world

“For someone like me, it is a very strange habit to write in a diary. Not only that I have never written before, but it strikes me that later neither I, nor anyone else, will care for the outpouring of a thirteen year old schoolgirl.”

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