'Someone Could Get Hurt': 5 stories from the front lines of parenting

In 'Someone Could Get Hurt,' Drew Magary shares stories from his time as a dad.

3. Love of school buses

Bus driver Philip Pan waits to drop off children at school in New York Seth Wenig/AP

Early on in her life, Magary says his daughter had two main interests: school buses and car washes. "FLAPS! FOAM! ROLLING THINGS!" he wrote of the appeal of the second to toddlers. "It's the closest they'll ever get to being inside a working spaceship." Magary bought his daughter a toy school bus, and she named it Charlotte and began sleeping with it. "I took her inside a real school bus once and it was like a grown man being led onto the field at Yankee Stadium," he wrote of her love of buses. "She was awed. She treated the rows of cheap green vinyl seating like church pews, making a point of sitting in every single one."

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