'Someone Could Get Hurt': 5 stories from the front lines of parenting

Debates may be swirling over tiger parenting and whether mothers should work outside the home, but writer Drew Magary is just trying to make it through raising his kids. Here are a few of his stories from the memoir 'Someone Could Get Hurt.'

1. Avoiding getting up

A baby monitor Imogen Studio/Business Wire

Dead-tired much of the time, Magary developed a plan for when he heard the sounds of his baby waking through the monitor. "I didn't move a muscle," he wrote. "My strategy was twofold. For one thing, I thought to myself: If I just stay still, then the baby will forget I exist and realize she has no one to cry to, and then she will stop crying (NOTE: Babies do not fall for this). For another, I thought if I lay still long enough, my wife would get up and go feed the baby instead of me. I was awake, but I didn't want to be awake any longer. So I played dead."

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