'Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted': 8 stories from the making of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

Writer Jennifer Keishin Armstrong explores what happened behind the scenes of legendary sitcom "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Here are eight stories from her book.

7. Women writers

Courtesy of PBS 'Pioneers of Television'

"Moore" writers Treva Silverman and Susan Silver would often correct expressions in the script or suggest to male writers ways that the female characters on the show would react to situations. Once, a male writer said, "Then Mary will go get cleaned up" and Silver replied, "No, women don't get cleaned up. That's a guy thing." On another occasion, Silverman insisted on Mary would object to Ted Baxter's comment that he files his dates under "blond, brunette, or redhead." "Either Mary can't be in the shot," she said, "or she's got to have a rejoinder."

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