E.L. Konigsburg: 6 best moments from her books

Check out our favorite moments from these E.L. Konigsburg stories.

2. "The View from Saturday"

A complex book with five different narrators, "The View from Saturday" has a plot a bit like that of the movie "Slumdog Millionaire." A team of misfits competes in an academic bowl under the tutelage of their paraplegic teacher. Each time a question is asked in the tournament, a different narrator is able to answer it because of a personal experience that character had (which he or she shares through anecdotes).

From the book:

"People still remark about how extraordinary it was to have four sixth graders make it to the finals. There had been a few seventh graders scattered among the other teams, but all the rest of the middle school regional champs were eighth graders. Epiphany had never before won the even the local championship, and there they were, up on stage, ready to compete for the state trophy."

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