10 best books of February (plus one), according to Amazon's editors

Amazon editorial director Sara Nelson discusses Amazon's picks for the 10 best releases of February.

3. 'After Visiting Friends: A Son's Story,' by Michael Hainey


Hainey, the deputy editor of GQ, tells the story of his father's death in this powerful memoir. Hainey's father was found dead near his car in what looked like a heart attack, with obituaries reading that his father had gone to the car "after visiting friends" – but no one could say exactly who they were or where they lived. Decades later, Hainey turns to his father's co-workers and friends in the newspaper business to find out the truth. "It's a lot about newspapermen," says Nelson. "It's sort of like 'Mad Men' on the page, all these hardboiled news guys.... It's very evocative of the time."

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