12 electrifying memoirs and biographies you might have missed

Check out these 12 recent memoirs and biographies that might have escaped your notice.

3. 'Sweet Hell on Fire: A Memoir of the Prison I Lived in and the Prison I Worked In,' by Sara Lunsford

Sweet Hell on Fire is the story of the traumatic and unsustainable year during which author Sara Lunsford worked in an all-male maximum security prison. What does it do to a person to scrape human remains off a prison floor? To experience aggressive sexual harassment every day? To be assaulted or raped, all in a day’s work? To know that your survival, along with that of your coworkers and prisoners, depends on whether or not you make a mistake or miss something – all in exchange for a paycheck that leaves you at or below the federal poverty level? This is a blunt, angry, and very important book.

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