10 of America's best bookstores

Here are 10 of the bookstores honored by writers in the new book 'My Bookstore.'

10. Tattered Cover Book Store, Denver, Colo.

Tattered Cover Book Store Ann Hermes

Stephen White, author of "Line of Fire" selected Tattered Cover as his personal favorite and recalled how the bookstore helped him when he decided he wanted to begin writing. "The Tattered of that phase of my life was the iteration that filled a converted four-story department store from plaster to plaster and from floor to ceiling with books," he wrote. "The shop was immense, but it never felt as big as it was, though sometimes on weekends and during book signings and always around the holidays it somehow managed to feel not quite large enough. That edition of Tattered ... was a place where I occasionally went to locate a specific title, but where I usually went just to be around books. To discover new books. To be entranced."

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