10 best books of 2012, according to Amazon's editors

From a crime committed against a native American woman to a scheme to sell software to the king of Saudi Arabia, Amazon's list of the 10 best books of 2012 is a diverse collection. Here are the 10 titles.

1. 'The Round House,' by Louise Erdrich

"The Round House," the latest novel from award-winning author Louise Erdrich, has been called "'To Kill a Mockingbird' set on a reservation." It is also Amazon's pick for the best book of 2012. This book, which is loosely a sequel to Erdrich's 2008 novel "The Plague of Doves," tells the story of a young boy whose mother is raped and the struggles of both of them to come to terms with the event. Sara Nelson, editorial director of Amazon.com, says she has spent much of 2012 "driving everyone crazy telling them how much I love this book." (Check out the Monitor's review of this book here.)

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