6 tips for new workers from 'The Young Professional's Survival Guide'

Landing that first job can be nervewracking enough – and then comes the process of learning the ins and outs of workplace etiquette. What's okay and what's not? Check out these 6 tips from C.K. Gunsalus's new book 'The Young Professional's Survival Guide.'

1. Choosing between jobs

Noah Berger/Reuters

What should you do if you have just accepted a job offer that you are happy about – but then find out that your dream job is available? Gunsalus suggests thinking over what the search for the job that you just accepted was like. How long was the process during which you were considered? How much will you inconvenience the company if you tell them you can't take the job now? If they conducted a search for many similar jobs within the company and you were one of dozens hired, it's a different situation than if you are the only person hired and you did three interviews. If you do take the dream job, you will be affecting your own reputation. Consider if it's worth that.

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