'Home Front Girl': 7 stories from a real WWII-era diary

Listening to President Roosevelt on the radio, going to the theater to see some movie called "Citizen Kane" – Joan Wehlen Morrison's diary, kept between 1937 and 1943, gives readers insight into the daily life of a girl living on the home front in the United States during World War II. Here are seven of the stories from "Home Front Girl," recently published by Morrison's daughter, Susan Signe Morrison.

(Excerpted from "Home Front Girl" by Joan Wehlen Morrison. Copyright Chicago Review Press, November 2012)

1. May 6, 1937

"The German zeppelin Von Hindenburg crashed not three hours ago at Lakehurst, New Jersey. That great new sister ship to the Graf Zeppelin!! Just burnt up like that.... The Herald Examiner said 100 people were killed, but as it's a Hearst paper, 50 is a safer guess. They always exaggerate!" [The death toll of the Hindenburg disaster was actually 36 people.]

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