Surviving Harvard: 7 stories from freshman year

From his new book 'That Book About Harvard,' writer Eric Kester shares stories of his embarrassments and mishaps at America's most famous college.

7. (Finally) finding peace at Harvard

Mary Knox Merrill

Throughout the year, Kester felt pressured and anxious, struggling in classes and feeling like he was having trouble fitting in. He said he felt somewhat better when a friend of his, Hannah, who worked as a tour guide shared a revelation with him: the statue that many believed to be John Harvard is in fact not Harvard, and Harvard didn't even found the school. "This information stunned me," he wrote. "The most iconic image of Harvard wasn't even real.... 'It's funny,' Hannah added. 'Some people take the John Harvard statue so seriously. When really it's all just a big mirage.... The statue fits in perfectly with Harvard: a guy pretending to be someone he's not.'" Later in the semester, Kester decided on a major and began to do better in his classes.

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