Surviving Harvard: 7 stories from freshman year

From his new book 'That Book About Harvard,' writer Eric Kester shares stories of his embarrassments and mishaps at America's most famous college.

3. Behavior in an emergency

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    Kirkland House at Harvard University

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On the day Kester was supposed to have a midterm exam, there was what was rumored to be a bomb threat. Kester says he didn't exactly keep calm. "Apparently there was a precedent for this at Harvard, and soon the whispers began to spread through the aisles: bomb threat," he wrote. "I thought of the barks I heard echoing from the hallway earlier.... did those woofs actually come from a bomb-sniffing dog? I wasn't sticking around to find out. Neither were any of my classmates, who began to rush toward the exit in a panic. Even though I suspected this was most likely a false alarm, I wasn't taking any chances. Sprinting through the mass of students bottlenecked at the doors, I even body-checked one slowpoke into a trash bin. It wasn't my finest moment."

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