'The Boy Kings': 6 stories from a Facebook employee

Author Katherine Losse shares 6 of her stories from behind-the-scenes stories from her time at Facebook.

2. Boys' club

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On her first day, when Losse entered the office, she saw a few men but only one other woman, an administrative assistant. She also spotted various pieces of graffiti featuring well-endowed women. "'We had to move the really graphic painting to the men's bathroom because someone complained,' an engineer told me as he gave me a tour of the tiny office," she wrote. "He said this with the slight mocking disapproval that was my new colleagues' default tone in response to anything that resisted their power.... I could see that it was, in a sense, a test: If you couldn't handle the graffiti, or the unrepentantly boyish company culture it represented, the job wasn't going to work out."

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