Howard Carter: 6 of his first moments in the tomb of King Tut

Archaeologist Howard Carter entered the annals of history in 1922 when he discovered the final resting place of the young 18th dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Tutankhamun's tomb had been robbed at least twice in antiquity but was otherwise left almost completely intact. Here are six quotes in which Carter describes entering the tomb and discovering the multitude of beautiful and incalculably valuable objects that lay within.

1. Seeing the seal

Artwork depicting Tutankhamun and his wife By Pataki Márta

"I think at the moment we did not even want to break the seal [on the inner chamber of the tomb of Tutankhamen], for a feeling of intrusion had descended heavily upon us.... We felt that we were in the presence of the dead King and must do him reverence, and in imagination could see the doors of the successive shrines open one after the other till the innermost disclosed the King himself."

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