10 best Avengers of all time

Many Avengers have come and gone over the years. But, in my opinion, here are the 10 best.

10. Quicksilver


Pietro Maximoff is a mutant (like the X-Men), with the ability of super speed. He is arrogant and quick to anger. His only weak spot is love for his twin sister, Wanda, the super heroine Scarlet Witch. Raised by gypsies in Europe, they soon were on the run as their mutant abilities manifested in their teenage years. Finding refuge with the villainous mutant Magento (who, years later, was revealed to be the twins' father), they felt obligated to join his band of evil mutants. Realizing their mistake, they fled and found a new home with the Avengers. Although he has left and come back several times, Pietro is very proud and loyal to the team.

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