'Game of Thrones': 6 characters in crisis in Season 2

These six characters will find trouble ahead when 'Game of Thrones' returns for Season 2 on April 1.

2. Robb Stark

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    Does Robb Stark have the battle experience required to take on the Lannisters?
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Robb was grief-stricken when he heard of the beheading of his father, Eddard Stark. Eddard was head of the House Stark and Hand of the King to his lifelong friend Robert Baratheon, who was King of the Seven Kingdoms until he died in a hunting accident. Because Eddard was killed by Robert's son, Joffrey – who has taken the throne as his father's successor – Robb has sworn to take his revenge on the ruling Lannister family. Robb's followers have broken away from the rest of the country and have declared him king of the North. Robb is now leading an army to attack the Lannisters. But Robb is an inexperienced general and will be attacking a very powerful ruling family.

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