Valentine's Day: 10 literary lessons in love

From 'Much Ado About Loving' by Jack Murnighan and Maura Kelly, 10 lessons in love from literary classics.

2. Great Expectations


In Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations, the young orphan Pip falls in love with the beautiful Estella. Pip is sure that if he can become rich, Estella will finally take notice of him and his life will be perfect. Pip gets one of his wishes when he comes into a windfall of a fortune is elevated above his lowly status. But, Murnighan and Kelly say, you need to ask yourself: If you think that your life will be wonderful if another person falls in love with you, do you really want to be with that person, or do you just imagine that being together would somehow magically solve your problems? Would this person really cure everything in your life? Pip eventually realizes that his problem is feeling inadequate and that Estella has never really made him feel happy.

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